Elderberry & Honeyberry Products

Our Mission is to release Elderberry & Honeyberry products which consumers can enjoy as a part of their everyday Lifestyle.

The following are a few marketing points which outline why the Elderberry & Aronia products have been so favorable:

  1. Excellent Flavor
    • Consumers respond to the Great taste of Our Family of Products
    • 80% of the customers, who taste the products, purchase it
  2. Health Benefits of Elderberry & Honeyberry
    • High in ORAC Value content according to USDA ORAC Study
  3. Competitively priced
    • All of our Products are competitive priced as similar type Products
  4. Full Line of Elderberry & Honeyberry Products
    • Elderberry & Honeyberry Post Mix Syrup in 500 ml Beverages Post Mix Syrups
    • Honey & Green Tea Flavor Post Mix
    • Lemon Flavor Beverage Post Mix
  5. Environmentally Friendly
    • Native plant which does not require the typical Agricultural Plant Protectants as other fruits
  6. Locally Grown
    • Support of our local agriculture industry

Wholesale orders inquire by email at info@villagewineryandvineyard.com.
Email us your order and shipping address and we will contact you with the cost and shipping.