Elderberry & Honeyberry Products

Our Mission is to release Elderberry & Honeyberry products which consumers can enjoy as a part of their everyday Lifestyle.

The following are a few marketing points which outline why the Elderberry & Aronia products have been so favorable:

  1. Excellent Flavor
    • Consumers respond to the Great taste of Our Family of Products
    • 80% of the customers, who taste the products, purchase it
  2. Health Benefits of Elderberry & Honeyberry
    • High in ORAC Value content according to USDA ORAC Study
  3. Competitively priced
    • All of our Products are competitive priced as similar type Products
  4. Full Line of Elderberry & Honeyberry Products
    • Elderberry & Honeyberry Post Mix Syrup in 500 ml Beverages Post Mix Syrups
    • Honey & Green Tea Flavor Post Mix
    • Lemon Flavor Beverage Post Mix
  5. Environmentally Friendly
    • Native plant which does not require the typical Agricultural Plant Protectants as other fruits
  6. Locally Grown
    • Support of our local agriculture industry

Wholesale orders inquire by email at info@villagewineryandvineyard.com.
Email us your order and shipping address and we will contact you with the cost and shipping.

Honeyberries are also referred to as Haskap, Blue honeysuckle, Sweetberry honeysuckle, Fly honeysuckle And Blue-berried honeysuckle. Latin Name: Lonicera caerulea.

Honeyberry Plants Products

(coming November 2025)