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Elderberry Products for Today and Tomorrow

Our Mission is to develop and release a number of new Elderberry products which consumers can enjoy as part of their everyday living.

Our Elderberry products are a natural Elderberry Extract made from locally grown fruit.

This year, our goal is to release two new Elderberry Products

  • First an Elderberry Syrup with Chocolate - A great topping for your favorite ice cream or cheesecake — Available NOW!
  • Second, because of the poplar demand for last years' Sparkling Elderberry Beverage, we will be releasing a Non-Sparkling/Elderberry Beverage - Great as a breakfast drink or anytime refreshing beverage.

We are now offering Elderberry Vinaigrette, Elderberry Syrup and Elderberry & Aronia Tea products! You can read more about them, too, at

The Elderberry Syrup product is made from our fruit. We released this product in October 2007, and have experienced a very positive response. The following are a few marketing points which outline why the Elderberry Syrup and Elderberry & Aronia Tea products have been so favorable:

  1. Excellent Flavor
    • Consumers respond to taste
    • 40% to 50% of the customers, who taste the product, purchase it
    • Made with fruit not concentrate
  2. Health Benefits
    • High in anthocyanins and quercetin flavinoids according to USDA Flavonoid Study
    • Elderberry fruit is 17 times higher in total flavonoids than raspberries and strawberries - see attached
  3. Competitively priced
    • One-third the cost by volume of similar Elderberry Health supplements
  4. Product has multiple uses
    • Syrup - Fruit topping for ice cream, yogurt, cheesecake, etc.
    • Beverage - refreshing non-alcoholic beverage - chilled or hot w/ mulling spices
  5. Environmentally Friendly
    • Native plant which does not require the typical Agricultural chemical treatments as other fruits
  6. Locally Grown
    • Support of our local agriculture industry

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